Bare Blends Protein Pancakes!

bareblendsAs many of you know I’m currently training for the INBA State Championships. This involves a very strict diet and exercise regime and it’s something I chose to commit to without compromising my clean eating way of life. Protein is essential to building lean muscle and unfortunately I learnt the hard way that no all protein powders are created equal. Most of the mainstream protein powders are jam packed with nasty additives which make you feel like absolute crap. Surely it’s not a good sign when you wake up with a flat tummy..have a protein shake then look like you’re about to give birth. I searched high and low trying to find a powder that was nutritious, containing a high concentration of protein without a list of numbers and words I can’t pronounce on the back of the packet. And of course it had to taste good (trust me…there’s some pretty terrible ones out there!). I came across Bare Blends and absolutely LOVE their products. Not only do they taste good..they don’t add artificial ingredients, it’s an Australian brand and it also tastes really good in cooking (smoothies, pancakes, cereal etc). I got creative in my kitchen with these pancakes. Give it a go! Delish!

  • 300g Egg White
  • 30g Bare Blends Dark Cacao & Kakadu Plum Native WPI
  • 50g Oats or Quinoa Flakes
  • 1 tbsp Cacao
  • 1 Ripe Banana
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda

Simply place all of the ingredients into a bowl and use a stick mixer to combine. (You could also place the ingredients into a blender). Cook on a low-medium heat in a fry pan with a little rice bran or coconut oil. Once little bubbles appear over the batter it’s time to flip! Serve with fresh berries, banana, pure maple syrup or anything else that takes your fancy!


Ash x

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3 thoughts on “Bare Blends Protein Pancakes!

  1. Just ordered my sample pack from Bare Blends. Do you have any info on the differences between protein isolate and protein concentrate? Thanks Ash xx

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