Update! Changes…

46559_10151467812313626_1131295536_nHi Everyone,

Just thought I would give a little update as I’m sure you’ve noticed the posts have been quite limited lately. I’ve set myself the challenge to compete in the INBA State Championships in September. Of course this involves pushing my body to it’s peak and strict “dieting”. As you would know I’m not a fan of that word as I believe it projects an unhealthy message. At the moment I am focusing on muscle gain and slight weight loss to be competition ready. My diet is still CLEAN although my meat intake has skyrocketed! I’m still listening to my body and have designed a meal plan for both maximum results on the the inside and the outside.

So now you know where things are headed for me this explains why the creative meals haven’t been popping up as frequently any more. My diet is basically the same day in, day out. Oats and eggs for breakfast then chicken/veg/fish/quinoa for the rest of the day (Six-seven times per day!). I’m being as creative as possible with breakfast and doing regular Instagram posts on my meals, progress, meal prep etc so if there’s anything you guys would like to see please let me know and I’d be happy to share.

Ash xx





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