Three reasons eating a wholesome breakfast is amazingly important!

As some of you may notice by how much I love my muesli (homemade of course) – breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. I go to bed thinking about breakfast…seriously. As excited as I might get about breakfast I know it’s not the case for everyone. You “don’t have time” or just think because you don’t wake starving that you can skip it. WRONG! Breakfast is SO important for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s some reasons why:

1. You’ll actually consume fewer calories throught the day.

Studies have shown, you’re likely to eat more, not less, than if you start the day with a meal. The longer you go without a meal, the hungrier you’ll become. And the hungrier you become, the more likely you are to reach for that muffin, banana bread or sugar-filled muesli bar. When you greet the day with a nourishing breakfast, you begin by taming the hungry beast inside and make it far more easier to control those cravings. Hunger is closely related to blood sugar, which fuels the body the same way petrol fuels a car.

2. Self control.

Studies by Psychologists state that levels of two brain chemicals that give us a sense of control—cortisol and adrenaline—peak as soon as we drag ourselves out of bed. The confidence they provide may make it easier to stick to our good intentions, such as a healthier diet and lifestyle. These chemicals subside during the day, making it tougher to say no to the doughnuts someone brings into the office—especially if you’re starving because you skipped breakfast.

3. You’ll burn more fat.

Usually when we eat breakfast we have either a dairy or nut milk (almond & rice milk are my pick). Often we add some yogurt, fresh fruit or nuts and seeds – all great sources of calcium. Calcium has been shown to improve the efficiency of weight-loss. Why? Experts have found that getting too little calcum triggers the release of a hormone called calcitrol, which tells the body “store fat”. When your calcium levels are high, calcitrol levels remain low and the body burns fat instead of storing it.


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