Brekkie-to-go VS Brekkie-to-go

Mornings can be a nightmare for some. You always want to sleep in “just five more minutes” then before you know it – you’re rushing. There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than people saying they don’t have time to take care of themselves and eat well. Skipping breakfast, grabbing some greasy take away or asking for a muffin to-go when ordering your morning coffee seems to be a normal thing for most people. Like most…I like my sleep, extra time to watch the news or play with my hair in the morning. Recently I’ve been taking to work some homemade muesli which you can find the recipe for below and a beautiful green smoothie in a well sealed jar. Not only do I get a little extra sleep plus time to mess around, Im also getting a wholesome and tasty breakfast. It’s EASY and takes very little effort. This week, I encourage you all to start eating a good breakfast! Even if it means on-the-go. xx


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