Eat this instead of that!



Many people fail at diets because they go too hard too soon. Instead of making a shopping list that only consists on celery and carrot sticks why not try crowding out the bad with the good? Slowly introducing more and more good food that eventually the bad food no longer exists! Try this…



  • Increase WHOLEGRAINS – Oats, Barley, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Rye, Millet, Amaranth.
  • Swap WHITE rice for BROWN rice.
  • Or even better, Quinoa!
  • Try homemade sweet potato chips seasoned with some fresh herbs rather than pre-cooked chips from a packet.
  • Make a juice at home using fresh fruits and veggies rather than bottled juice filled with sugar and preservatives (sometimes you’re consuming more sugar in a glass of bottled juice than a can of soft drink!)
  • Swap your creamy, cheesy pasta sauce with a lighter option such as a tomato based sauce (super easy to make yourself) and throw in some veg!

Before you know it your plate will be filled with healthy, wholesome foods and you will crowd out the nasty processed junk. Remember, healthy eating can be just as easy (and much tastier) than anything that comes from a packet.

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