The Power of Affirmations

af·fir·ma·tion ˌafərˈmāSHən

Over the past year or two I have introduced affirmations into my daily life. In the beginning I will admit..I was a little sceptical on the “power” these so-called good words could have on my life. To be honest I did feel a little silly (and maybe even a little crazy) saying positive things to myself out loud. The more I practiced, the more I believed and the more I started seeing what a great impact daily affirmations can have on my life the more I continued to keep it up. Here’s some tips to get started.

What is an Affirmation?

1. The act of affirming or the state of being affirmed; assertion.

2. Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.
Affirmations are positive statements which are repeated many times in order impress the subconscious mind. Whilst repeating the desired situation our minds are triggered into positive action. To be able to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with conviction, attention, interest and our full desire.
Often people repeat in their minds negative words and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and consequently, create undesirable situations. Words and statements have the power to work at both ways, to build or destroy. It is our call whether we use the power within us to let our words and thoughts break us down or lift us up.
When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle people are often filled with excuses, negative emotions, self-doubt and hesitation. Below are some positive affirmations that can assist you with having the right frame of mind to achieve your goals and stay motivated with your head in the right space.
Examples of positive daily affirmations for health include:

1. I am glowing with health and wholeness.

2. I behave in ways that promote my health more every day.

3. I deserve to be in perfect health.

4. I am highly motivated to exercise my body because I find exercise fun and enjoyable.

5. I love nutritious healthy food, and I enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. I am healthy since my practices are healthy.

7. I let go of the past so I can create health now.

8. I create health by expressing love, understanding and compassion.

Ash x



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